Dioceses of Portsmouth and Winchester

Presenting complex demographic data in an accessible, interactive way

The Dioceses of Portsmouth and Winchester and their parishes are now able to better understand the communities they serve with a series of thematic maps created by Miso.


Electricity North West Limited

Automating processes for the online connections project

Electricity North West Ltd. (ENWL) save time and money in transforming their network data with FME, for use in an online mapping tool.



Cutting key process time using automation

Costain save time and resource in asset management data processes, with an innovative solution built on FME.



Reducing manual processing of maintenance records

Miso created an FME-based solution which cleaned existing A-one+ asset data, and automated future processing.


Babergh & Mid Suffolk District Councils

Achieving transparency through combined data sets

Babergh & Mid Suffolk District Councils standardise and make available 175 data sets for public consumption.


Somerset County Council

Improving access to Care Service data

Somerset County Council improves access to Care Service data.


Dorset Council

Using data to improve maintenance processes

Using FME to create detailed maps when deploying contractors to maintain grass verges.


Bristol City Council

Automating spatial data updates to save resource

Bristol City Council save hours of time previously spent manually updating their 200+ spatial datasets, by automating updates with FME.


Cyngor Gwynedd Council

Automating eligibility checks for travel passes

Cyngor Gwynedd Council save 266 days per year on checking travel pass eligibility, thanks to FME.


Hackney Council

Saving time on data entry with automation

Hackney Council save 20 days each year by automating data feeds with an API.


Halton Borough Council

Automating the planning application process

Halton Borough Council save 3 weeks per year by automating the planning application process.



Saving time and money with FME Server

FME Server solves multiple challenges for Atkins.


Warrington Borough Council

Automating the import of 20,000 records

Warrington Borough Council saved 6 months by automating the entry of historic planning data into their local land searches system using FME.


Runnymede Borough Council

Simplifying complex data migration

FME's ETL capabilities used to complete and simplify a complex data migration project, and help the Council transition to OpenSource GIS software.


Hoople (Herefordshire Council)

Improving pothole reporting process

FME used to improve the experiences of Herefordshire residents reporting potholes on the council's website.


Hoople (Herefordshire Council)

Realising the true value of council data

Hoople, working on behalf of Herefordshire Council, used FME to get more value from the huge amount of data that they had available to them.


Environment Agency

Enabling self-service data sharing

The Environment Agency used FME to establish a robust way to share data with the newly formed Natural Resources Wales.