Ensuring that everyone in your organisation has access to up-to-date data is extremely valuable, but it’s usually too complex and costly to achieve.

Database Modules offer users of the Topo Optimiser and AddressBase Premium Optimiser the ability to load their output data into either MS SQL, Oracle or PostGIS repositories. They are available at an additional cost, and provide an easy to use solution for those needing to store and share their GIS data. Once procured, the additional functionality will be unlocked within the relevant DataFlow app.

Our Database Modules are an innovative and straightforward way to translate and load/extract your GIS data all in one hit. This add-on will automate the procedure of either loading or extracting data, and will give you clear indication of progress while it goes about its business.

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Our Platinum Partner Status is Renewed

2019 marked our 21st year of partnership with Safe Software, and once again they've awarded us Platinum Partner status for the coming year. This is the top tier of partner statuses available, and ther...


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Journey to the Poles of Inaccessibility

The project brief:

We were approached by Chris Brown, an individual on a one man mission to travel to 20 identified Poles of Inaccessibility around the world. As leading providers of spatial...

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