As a local authority, you’re required to publish your Annex III datasets in GML format that meets INSPIRE defined schemas. But, the process of creating and transforming datasets into the correct schema is both time-consuming and complicated, requiring specialist skill and knowledge.

The INSPIRE GML Creator helps you to meet INSPIRE Phase 2 requirements, which stipulate that local authorities must publish their Annex III datasets as compliant GML files. The app writes compliant GML from TAB or SHP files.

Our app makes the process easy. It takes TAB or SHP files in a range of appropriate themes, and creates the compliant GML files. All you need to do is set-up and run the input file through the app to get perfectly compliant INSPIRE GML data as output.


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Our Platinum Partner Status is Renewed

2019 marked our 21st year of partnership with Safe Software, and once again they've awarded us Platinum Partner status for the coming year. This is the top tier of partner statuses available, and ther...


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Journey to the Poles of Inaccessibility

The project brief:

We were approached by Chris Brown, an individual on a one man mission to travel to 20 identified Poles of Inaccessibility around the world. As leading providers of spatial...

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