For those of you working in Local Government publishing INSPIRE compliant data is an ongoing requirement. To be INSPIRE compliant you need to do 2 things:

  • Compile your data
  • Publish it

Compiling the appropriate datasets and creating compliant metadata takes expert knowledge, skills and experience that only you have.

Publishing the data requires real capital investment, complicated integration through your IT department and 99% up time. With time, money and resources already stretched – surely this is better done elsewhere?

Uploading INSPIRE datasets, made easy

DataPublisher is an automated process, developed by our data team, which allows us to validate and publish data with ease. Drag and drop your dataset onto our easy-to-use interface and sit back to wait for our confirmation email. Your dataset will soon be live on, available for request by the public.

"This [Miso] solution makes the complicated task of achieving compliance a lot easier, and it's saved us a huge amount of time."

Tim Fountain - Open Data Platform Administrator, Camden Council