Bristol City Council

Automating spatial data updates to save resource

Bristol City Council save hours of time previously spent manually updating their 200+ spatial datasets, by automating updates with FME.


Babergh & Mid Suffolk District Councils

Achieving transparency through combined data sets

Babergh & Mid Suffolk District Councils standardise and make available 175 data sets for public consumption.


Cyngor Gwynedd Council

Automating eligibility checks for travel passes

Cyngor Gwynedd Council save 266 days per year on checking travel pass eligibility, thanks to FME.


Lightweight solutions for daily data challenges.

We’re seeing the move to an ”Intelligent Council” increase at a rapid rate. However, legacy systems that store all of this valuable data aren’t as quick to modernise. Our solutions provide an increased data processing capability without the need for expensive infrastructure upgrades, or tedious IT projects.

We’ve worked alongside over 200 councils to take the stress out of their day to day challenges. From Quality Checking core system data, before it’s moved on to other projects to automating alerts for key council services, there are few areas that our projects haven’t covered.

"Manipulating data has never been easier, it's the best software I've used in the industry."

Chris Buckmaster - Principal GIS Officer, Runnymede Borough Council